Benefits of Cryotherapy

Benefits of Cryotherapy

At CryoWellness USA, clients have discovered the benefits of cryotherapy – what physicians, patients and professional athletes around the world have known for years: whole body cryotherapy knocks inflammation and aging out cold.

CryoWellness USA clients yearn to feel healthy, vibrant and strong and want to function at optimal levels of performance in all areas of their lives. They are not afraid to try something new to enhance their well-being; in fact, they actively seek out safe, cutting-edge options to improve their health.

Come Into the Cold

Who doesn’t want to look and feel better? Especially if it can be accomplished in less than three minutes safely and naturally. Whole body cryotherapy treatments help to remove toxins, decrease inflammation and promote self-healing.

Overall Health and Wellness*

Whole body cryotherapy can stimulate the systems within your body, including the cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous systems.

This has the potential to help countless areas of the body and can produce:

  • Pain relief from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint disorders
  • Decreased muscle soreness, spasms and inflammation
  • Alleviation of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines and other effects of stress
  • Lowered incidence of cold and flu

Weight Loss*

While regular exercise and a healthy diet are important to maintaining a healthy weight, cryotherapy can help.

When combined with a proper diet and exercise routine, cryotherapy benefits can include:

  • Burning up to 500 to 800 calories after each three-minute cryotherapy session
  • Stimulating the body’s metabolic level
  • Like vigorous exercise, increasing metabolism for up to eight hours after three-minute sessions

Sports and Fitness*

If you thought you had nothing in common with basketball superstar LeBron James, think again! James, Floyd Mayweather and many other professional athletes, as well as sports enthusiasts, at all levels have experienced the benefits of cryotherapy.

Athletic performance benefits can include:

  • Reduced inflammation, swelling and pain after exercising
  • Improved energy
  • “Runners high” endorphin release

Beauty and Anti-Aging*

Cryotherapy is a safe, natural alternative to looking younger and feeling more vibrant inside and out without spending thousands of dollars on painful surgical and nonsurgical procedures that often involve down time.

Because cryotherapy increases blood flow to the skin and removes toxins, the results can include:

  • Improved collagen production
  • Reduction of visible signs of aging, including wrinkles
  • Healthier complexion and even skin tone
  • Improvement in such skin conditions as psoriasis, blemishes and acne
  • Reduction of cellulite


It is always advisable to consult your physician before undergoing any health-related procedure.

Cryotherapy can facilitate healing and be beneficial to individuals who are recovering from surgery by:

  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Improving circulation
  • Removing toxins
benefits of cryotherapy
benefits of cryotherapy
benefits of cryotherapy
benefits of cryotherapy
benefits of cryotherapy
benefits of cryotherapy
benefits of cryotherapy
benefits of cryotherapy

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Patient Testimonials

Cryotherapy has improved my quality of life. I have IBS-D, chronic back pain, and I have occasional pain in my left breast/chest from cancer surgery/treatment. The first few treatments reduced the inflammation in my back and I was pain free for eleven hours. After about eight treatments, the IBS-D symptoms were getting better and now after each treatment, I am pain free for 10 to 13 hours. I am able to consume foods in limited quantities that I have been avoiding for years. Another wonderful benefit is my increased energy level. My mind is very clear and I have energy to study and complete tasks. I recommend cryotherapy treatments to everyone!

— Susan Hicks, January 8, 2016

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