Cryotherapy Contest Winner Takes the Plunge!

Sarah’s first-ever cryotherapy session

Cryotherapy Contest Winner Takes the Plunge!

Sarah Nunez-Bida, 47, of Westland had never tried cryotherapy before. The health and wellness enthusiast and esthetician at a local salon heard about the benefits of cryo and wanted to try it. So, she took a chance at winning a free cryotherapy session by liking our Facebook page and entering a recent contest and it paid off. She won!

We checked in with Sarah after her first-ever cryotherapy session to see how it went!

“Initially, I was a little nervous and I could feel the cold temperature before I even got near the tank,” she said. “But the 120 seconds went quickly! I felt calm in the negative 200-degree tank. I remember my arms were particularly cold.”

“When I stepped out, I felt relieved, energized and invigorated by the change in atmosphere,” she continued. “I felt the rush of blood back into my body and a release of toxins that made me feel light and cheerful.”

Sarah tells us she was able to carry this energy and feeling with her for the next several days, making her more apt to work out and eat right.

This happiness was also matched by a sense of peace and tranquility, as Sarah needed to have a medical procedure later that week. She found herself feeling significantly less anxious, able to sleep better and equipped to tackle the challenges ahead.

“It was as if all was right with the world,” she explained.

Sarah has been describing the positive energy, enthusiasm and overall lightness she experienced to clients and friends, recommending that they too consider cryotherapy. She adds that she will definitely return to CryowellnessUSA. We’re so glad you enjoyed the experience, Sarah. See you again soon!

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Patient Testimonials

Cryotherapy has improved my quality of life. I have IBS-D, chronic back pain, and I have occasional pain in my left breast/chest from cancer surgery/treatment. The first few treatments reduced the inflammation in my back and I was pain free for eleven hours. After about eight treatments, the IBS-D symptoms were getting better and now after each treatment, I am pain free for 10 to 13 hours. I am able to consume foods in limited quantities that I have been avoiding for years. Another wonderful benefit is my increased energy level. My mind is very clear and I have energy to study and complete tasks. I recommend cryotherapy treatments to everyone!

— Susan Hicks, January 8, 2016

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